Posted by: L | August 16, 2007

Lila, the demon…

Protoplasm (a dominionist for Tom Tancredo)

has me listed both under Demon Alert and Terrorist Watch. I add them to my list of epithets — nothing compares, of course, to the endearments I’ve got from my former countrymen — mostly unprintable.”Barely readable” and “borderline hysteric” are the milder ones.

People like ideological purity and camp following. Anyone who just tries to call it as she sees it makes them uncomfortable because no one is willing to relinquish the security of a predetermined party line. If they did, even for a moment, they might see something right in the enemy. And something wrong in themselves. They might find their friends more dangerous than their foes. They might – goddess forbid – change their mind about something…..or their hearts. And there is nothing people resist more than change.



  1. L, I visited Rev. Hipple’s site. It is so bad that one is forced to wonder if it is a put-on. Why they would single you out as a unbeliever demon is beyond me?

  2. Oh — the net is full of wonders. I routinely get mail urging me to spy on potential terrorists on campus (that’s from the right), join the “cyberwar” against Zionists (that’s from the left), meaning spam them, something that’s perfectly illegal, no matter what your political persuasion, or join the resistance against Martian take over of the planet, the coming of the Anti-Pope, or the Anti Christ, or the Great Beast…or other exotic fauna.

    I would love to engage every one of them, if only from burning curiosity about the anthropology of the internet underworld, but I’m pretty sure I would only be providing fodder for some petty CIA cybersweep of less-than-domesticated bloggers…

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