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Jihad sensitivity-training coming to a campus near you, Jimmy Carter exposed….and more…..

In a recent circular, Front Page Magazine importunes its readers thus:

“Center’s E-newsletter

As you know, the Freedom Center fights the culture war on many fronts at once. I want to make sure that you know what we’re doing and how we’re doing, so you’ll be getting this insider’s report at regular intervals.

Having an Impact on National Security

One strong measurement of the effect we’re having (and the need for what we do) came in the form of request from the head the FBI-California Highway Patrol Joint Counter-terrorism Task Force who called this week to ask if their group could use our flash video “What Every American Needs to Know About Jihad” as a training film. We’ve put this video in over one million e-mail boxes, with a heavy emphasis on those of college students. It has been reproduced on innumerable websites across the web and is now a YouTube video. To view the video and remind yourself of what the FBI-CHP will be teaching to its agents when it tries to get them to know the enemy, go to

Jimmy Carter Exposed

Jimmy Carter’s anti Semitic, anti Israel campaign has gone on long enough! The David Horowitz Freedom Center has just published a booklet, “Jimmy Carter’s War against the Jews,” that analyzes with devastating effect the former president’s support for Israel’s enemies, which happen also to be enemies of the United States. Carter’s unreasoning attacks on Israel, growing more shrill with each new pronouncement, have gone beyond national embarrassment. They’re an outrage.

This booklet will be a powerful weapon in our fight against this deceitful, one-sided view of Israel that is being pushed on the American public and especially on college students. The view that sees Israel as the source of all evil in the Middle East is the same view that blames America for everything wrong with the world, including Islamic terrorism.

The author of the booklet, Jacob Laksin, has pulled together the shameful history of Carter’s partisanship in Middle East politics, including the ex-President’s acceptance of Arab oil money to fund his Center. Laskin masterfully exposes the anti-Semitic distortions and outright fabrications in Carter’s latest book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. He shows that Carter’s coddling of tyrants like Fidel Castro is one side of a coin whose other side is embossed with anti Israel and anti American fulminations.

Carter is a symptom of a deeper sickness which blames Israel, and America, first. The Center has the means to do something about his intemperate attacks. For a start, we need to print 250,000 more copies of “Jimmy Carter’s War against the Jews.” Then we need to organize as many events as possible along with an accompanying publicity campaign as we try to get the truth about the source and meaning of Carter’s anti Israel and anti Semitic views into the hands of college students.

To order a copy of the booklet, please contact Stephanie at

Islamo Fascism Awareness Week: Is your alma mater on our list??

We are now planning what will be the largest campus demonstrations ever staged by conservative students for October 22-26. We are calling the event Islamo Fascism Awareness Week. We already have student coordinators on 150 campuses and we are hoping that the event will touch close to 200 universities and colleges across the country. We are offering these campuses a full menu of activities including panel discussions on the origins and implications of Islamo Fascism; keynote speakers such as former Sen. Rick Santorum, Christopher Hitchens, Robert Spencer, and Nonie Darwish; and a showing of the uncut version of ABC’s milestone docudrama “The Path to 9/11,” and other documentaries about the threat of radical Islam, including Obsession and Suicide Killers. In addition we are working with our student coordinators to organize protests at women’s studies departments which have been shamefully silent about the violent oppression of women in the Muslim world, and to stage a memorial for the international victims of jihad. Among the campuses already committed to major activities during Islamo Fascism Awareness Week are Columbia, UC Berkeley, Penn State, Temple, Penn, Emory, UC Irvine and Ohio State, This Week has the potential to be a major news event as well as a transforming political experience for our college students.

Details on the event will appear in subsequent Newsletter updates. If you want further information or would like to see your alma mater or a school of special interest added to our list of targets, please call Jeffrey Wienir at This is our chance to bring the truth about the war on terrorism to campuses dominated by an unholy alliance between pro jihadists and the hardcore left.

Sold Out Liberty Film Event in Hollywood!!

Not everyone in Hollywood is a trendy leftist. The Freedom Center had a tremendous success this past Tuesday when we premiered a new documentary called “Border” by director/actor Chris Burgard at the Harmony Gold Theater in Hollywood. Talk show host and television personality Larry Elder was the host. Cyrus Nowrasteh, the writer of ABC’s “Path to 9/11,” and other Hollywood celebrities attended. The film, a frightening look at the chaos caused by uncontrolled illegal immigration, filled the house with a paying audience of over 300 people. The showing, first in a series of screenings of conservative films we are developing, took place under the auspices of the Liberty Film Festival, a program of the Freedom Center which has had a growing impact on the entertainment community over the past two years. We will show “Border” again on August 15th in Santa Barbara. Thanks in large part of Mary Belle Snow and Andy Granatelli, the Freedom Center has established a conservative presen ce in that liberal city.

Sign up for Restoration Weekend

The Restoration Weekend will be held this year November 15-18th at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Called by one newspaper “a blue ribbon gathering of the conservative tribe,” The Weekend provides an occasion for concerned and politically involved conservatives to explore with leading intellectuals the crucial domestic and international developments of the moment. So far, we have confirmed appearances by Dick Morris, former Secretary of Defense Richard Perle, ex-CIA Director Jim Woolsey, Sen. Jim Bunning, Lou Dobbs, Fred Barnes, Michael Barone and many others. For more information please contact Missy Woodward at


Dear reader, were you aware that you have not been sensitized enough to terrorism? No. Even though your face creams and bath gels are regularly thrown away at airport security, even though random strangers get to suss out your bare tootsies, and your underwear is groped by overweight baggage-checkers all in the sacred name of antiterrorism, even though not a solitary TV or radio show can unfold without reference to Osama, terrorists, or the Iraq war…even though every newspaper and magazine and wesbite remotely involved with politics (and most of those that have nothing to do with it), have spent the last 7 years talking about nothing but 9-11 and terrorism….though societies, think-tanks, and foundations have sprung to life like dragon’s teeth solely for it….though droves, nay, battalions and armies of analysts have grown rich on the subject…though half the DC population owes its living to it (and the other half lives in mortal fear of being water-boarded on suspicion of abetting it)…though entire nations have been wheedled and threatened to join forces against it — still, dear, dear reader, we just don’t know enough about it….

We must be such slow learners…



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  2. As you show, the massive Zionist propaganda machine is everywhere. It is much easier to say where it isn’t, than where it is.

    Here is a recent personal example of the ever present Zionist tentacles cropping up where I didn’t expect it.
    While visiting at a friend’s home recently, he suggested that I view his newly acquired dvd; “Who killed the electric car?” But, when mad dog Israel Firsters, Frank Gaffney and James Woolsey, appeared; I knew the jig was up. Here on video are both Gaffney and Woolsey marketing their Israel First agenda to free America from Arab oil and Islamofascism.

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  4. Gaffney, Woolsey….aren’t these blokes ripe for retirement yet??

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