Posted by: L | August 14, 2007

We went to Iraq because we needed a country to use as a base….

Heard on Chris Matthew, Hard Ball, this evening:

(Paraphrasing) “We went to Iraq not because of WMD, not because Saddam was a bad guy, but essentially because we needed to take over a country to have a base from which to pursue our global policies….”

I wasn’t really paying attention to the show until I heard that. Now I wait all agog to find out who the wet-behind-the-ears pundit was who let an entire tribe of mountain cats out of this particular bag…a body bag, I should add.

What’s even more amazing is that after registering a small intellectual double take, Matthews just babbled on as usual.

If anyone ever wanted proof that the respectable, non-Fox, “liberal” media long ago took leave of its senses — here it is. They don’t think there’s a need to keep up even the faintest pretence in the eyes of the rest of the world….let alone do their job.


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