Posted by: L | August 7, 2007

Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell: Paul beyond price

LAWYER: The fact remains that Ron Paul is now a real world candidate for president, and you guys are playing with fire every time you publish a positive article about him.

Sure, you might win the argument that you are not political, but you have some powerful enemies, the pro-war crowd, for example. They would love to destroy you, and if they can use the levers of power against you, they will.

And by the way, given the way you are legally structured now, you also can’t run articles or blogs that are critical of other candidates. No going after Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Giuliani, Thompson, or McCain.

So here are your choices as I measure them: You can stop publishing articles and blogs on Ron Paul and other candidates (and cross your fingers), or you can shut down LRC immediately. Total closure is what I recommend, and right now.

BLUMERT: Abandon Ron Paul? Never.

Close down LRC? You might as well cut off Lew Rockwell’s fingers.

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear either of your suggestions.

Look, LRC is too important to silence. It has become the most significant libertarian website in the world. Literally thousands of people, from all over the world, have told me that LRC has been key to their intellectual development, and a source of sanity in this Age of the Neocon.

Of course, we also get hatemail; we’re “anti-Semites” for opposing endless Mideast wars; we’re “traitors” for resisting the omnipotent executive; we’re “pro-terrorist” for fighting the police state; we’re “mean-spirited” for supporting the free market; we’re “conspiracy nuts” for criticizing the Federal Reserve; and we’re “anti-American” for working against the empire.

But even our enemies can’t stay away; vast numbers of people visit the site every day, to learn, to cheer, or to boo, because this is where it’s happening – for everyone dedicated (or opposed) to freedom and peace.

As to Ron Paul, we have some history here. In 1988 I was chairman of Ron’s first presidential campaign. Lew has been his friend and associate since 1975, and served as Ron’s chief of staff in Congress. We both know him very well, and, like all who know him, think the world of him, as a man of great integrity and as a leader. This is not political; it is supporting the ideas we have loved and promoted for decades.

Of course, it’s no coincidence that Ron calls LRC his favorite website. Bail on him? Never. Lew and I have worked all our lives for this moment. And we will keep working.

As Ron himself has said, “More important than the man is the message for liberty.” And after today’s debates, primaries, and elections, are over, LRC will still be spreading that message.

LAWYER: Okay, okay, Blumert, I get the message. To protect both LRC and CLS, and you and Lew, you only have one prudent course of action. You must spin LRC off from CLS. The good news: CLS will stay as it is. The not-so-good news: donations to LRC will no longer be tax-deductible, though it still can be a non-profit educational effort.

More at Lew Rockwell.

(Oh, by the way, I notice some reader — this shows up on my dashboard — rushing off to investigate (in all seriousness I am sure) “Lew Rockwell, nuts.”

Poor dear. Let me save her the trouble.
Why not try “Lew Rockwell, crazed wing nuts” or “Lew Rockwell, southern secessionist historical revisionists” (ooh – maybe that’s just a shade too close for comfort).

Of course, there’s always “Lew Rockwell, Nazi-KKK”, that  reliable war horse, or better yet, “Lew Rockwell, idealogue,” said with all the sangfroid of the determined realist convinced that mountains of dead babies in some inconvenient place off the TV screen are simply part of the calculus of peace through war — and so-oo much better than those, well, idealogues.
And, for the last time, libertarianism is NOT an ideology; it’s not an ‘ism’ at all, though it might — for want of a better word — sound like it….the whole approach is actually anti-ideological; it’s axiomatic. It’s “Hands Off.” Yes — that’s what it is. It’s we the people saying “Hands Off” in no uncertain terms to everyone who wants to “handle us.”



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  2. This is nonsense… didn’t you ever hear of FREE SPEECH?

  3. Free Speech? That was voted out along with property rights decades ago by all the people who want something for nothing and no back talk.

  4. It’s not a free speech issue. It’s just that to enjoy non profit status with tax deductibility for contributions, LRC cannot act or be perceived as acting an advocate of a partisan position in politics. If it does, it crosses a line.

    So – yes, it’s necessary for them to take this step if they want to help get the word out about Ron Paul.

    Another point: I stated in an earlier comment that I think that once the “culture war” is tackled honestly and fairly here in the US, a large part of the public support for war abroad will disappear. The propaganda machine relies a lot on racial and cultural disaffection and bad feeling to feed war fever…(see my Tancredo post on the weekend)

    Two things are needed for that to happen:

    Reexamination of what “free enterprise” really is; separating it from the state.

    Rediscovery of the virtue (classical virtu, I mean, not Christian virtue) of self-reliance. I don’t mean Horatio Alger. Because Horatio Alger stories are told apart from community, whereas real individualism does not oppose itself to community. In fact, it is – and always has been – rooted in community. Only, it is in real community. Not state created “community.”

  5. Sorry to delete posts. As always, the rule is – supply some sort of genuine argument (however controversial) or provide information or start a debate in good faith.

    Invective, sarcasm, or venting, unattached to any of the above, will be deleted.

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