Posted by: L | July 25, 2007

It’s a mad, mad, media world…

King of Spin decoding, Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy  in  a piece at Counterpunch.

“Former readers of Mad Magazine can remember a regular feature called “Scenes We’d Like to See.” It showed what might happen if candor replaced customary euphemisms and evasions. These days, what media scenes would we like to see?

One aspect of news media that needs a different paradigm is the correction ritual. Newspapers are sometimes willing to acknowledge faulty reporting, but the “correction box” is routinely inadequate — the journalistic equivalent of self-flagellation for jaywalking in the course of serving as an accessory to deadly crimes….



  1. Norman Soloman’s terrific article doesn’t come up at your designated Counterpunch site – Amazon came up for me. Here is another Counterpunch site for Soloman’s piece.

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