Posted by: L | July 25, 2007

Eteraz on Muslim reforms in the last year..

“So let’s think about the reforms we’ve seen in the one point five years I’ve been blogging about Islamic Reform: Liberal Democracy affirmed, death penalty for apostasy dealt huge blow, global Muslim scholars reaching a consensus that one Muslim cannot declare another non-Muslims, outlawing of female genital mutilation, Pakistan’s Women’s Protection Bill, UAE outlawed lashing, Kuwaiti women got right to vote, Saudi religious police got taken to court by a woman and lost, Moroccan women were allowed to become clerics and muftis, domestic violence was declared un-islamic in those countries where it is illegal (I still don’t understand why it wasn’t just made forbidden outright)…these are just the big ones. I’ll compile a list of the small ones later.

Postscript 2:

The fight is not over, not even close. All of these rulings now need to be *implemented* into the legislative systems of various countries. We saw how hard getting the Women’s Protection Bill through the Pakistani parliament was. We also saw that reformists couldn’t get the death penalty for blasphemy abolished via the Parliament in Pakistan.

Reality is, that getting prominent scholars to support reforms was only the first step. The harder part will be to convince the masses. God, but at least we are getting the scholars on our side. Also, even within apostasy, the issue of civil penalties to be done away with is important…..”

From the indefatigable Ali Eteraz.


So, while the Islamic world wises up and begins (note, begins) liberalizing religious thought, are we going to be content to lose the political achievements of the last 400 years of AngloAmerican common law and jurisprudence?


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