Posted by: L | July 19, 2007

Police State Chronicles: antispyware and the feds..

“Update A recent federal court decision raises the question of whether antivirus companies may intentionally overlook spyware that is secretly placed on computers by police.

In the case decided earlier this month by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, federal agents used spyware with a keystroke logger–call it fedware–to record the typing of a suspected Ecstasy manufacturer who used encryption to thwart the police.

A CNET survey of 13 leading antispyware vendors found that not one company acknowledged cooperating unofficially with government agencies. Some, however, indicated that they would not alert customers to the presence of fedware if they were ordered by a court to remain quiet…”

More at CNet via Phoenix Insurgent.



  1. Only a court order by a lawyer in a black robe to protect us??? Ohh, Lawyers will decide.
    Yup, your sacred day in court is similar to jail – but it is more pretentious.
    Liva, your last four posts are all about lawyers and law. I’ll bet that you didn’t even know it. This is no small issue.

    Let those cornholed Iragis in Abu Gharib get some MORE due process.

  2. Exactly. Laws work, when the political culture behind them help them work effectlvely. But a plethora of laws unsupported by a culture can be ineffective and even counterproductive.
    And the larger an empire becomes, the deadlier this problem becomes.

  3. When a predatory elite monopolize the judicial system, the law becomes their instrument of control.
    Hasn’t this already happened to you?

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