Posted by: L | July 18, 2007

Funding Islamic creationism….

A fascinating post from Ali Eteraz on the origins of Islamic science and its present day funding:

“Suddenly, I took another investigative turn and found that none other than Mustapha Aykol, the Turkish writer who believes in the compatibility of liberalism and Islam and human rights and is all over the place on Daniel Pipes’ Frontpage Magazine, American Enterprise Institute (Wolfowitz and Rummy), National Review (Kristol and Right-Wingers like Bernard Lewis), and the Washington Times (right-wing, establisher as conservative alternative to Washington Post, founded by this Church, see Wiki), is massively connected to Islamic Creationism (the link to his website is below)…..



  1. Ali Etcetera’s reaction seems a bit hysterical. Darwinism has long stifled the spiritual and moral development of Western man, and bravo to Mustapha Aykol for his creationism. I have problems with his neoconservatism, not his creationism.

  2. Hi Caryl –

    Yes. But isn’t it still an interesting piece?

    Ali Eteraz is an old fashioned secular liberal humanist, educated in the south and sympathetic to religion, if I am not mistaken….

    Anyway, I posted the piece because I am having a prolonged chat with some communitarian racialists who had brought in the chain of being and rac-ist thinking..

    and also, because tracing where and how public opinion is formed and by whom and to what part of my effort here…

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