Posted by: L | July 11, 2007

An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters

“I remember on the “President of Hip Hop” came out with an initially negative depiction of Ron Paul as a racist. To his credit he said he wasn’t concluding his opinion but that he encouraged people to look deeper. There were many who made comments thanking him for helping to expose information about Ron Paul and encouraged him to continue to look for positive aspects of Ron Paul’s position on racism. A few weeks later he came back and said he decided Ron Paul is definitely not racist and that he deserves much more consideration. This could have just as easily gone the other way. Over zealous Ron Paul supporters could have hastily disparaged and insulted the “President of Hip Hop” and made an enemy out of him. This didn’t happen and now we have a lot more friends.

This much I know, the issue here is Freedom. There is no such thing as a free republic that will last very long unless it is a republic of moral (and respectful) people. Not only do we need to get behind Ron Paul and rally for his support, but we each need to look at our own personal lives and see where we can become better people as individuals. There is nothing Ron Paul or the government can do to make us better people. That is our part of the deal and as we succeed on this front we will propel the cause of Freedom ahead. Neither of us can fight the freedom battle all on our own. We need Ron Paul and Ron Paul needs us.

For many decades the enemy of Freedom has been fomenting all kinds of perversions and divisions into our society to drive us apart and weaken us. We need to acknowledge this and realize much of what divides us stems from this artificial corruption of our culture. The time has come to be people worthy of individual freedom and there is no army or mob that can hold the powers of Heaven at bay from wiping away our dividers and oppressors, just as sunlight wipes away the darkness before it….”

While I’m on a roll, I urge everyone making signs to avoid profanity and hateful slogans. I recently watched a video of Ron Paul in the parking lot prior to the June 30th rally and there was a very distasteful sign regarding President Bush. It looked so out of place next to a true statesman and founding father figure as Ron Paul. The message of Freedom and its positivism is what will build momentum. Presenting increased beams of light coming from our eyes is much preferable to the vitriol of hatred and profanity towards others. Freedom with respect needs to be the focus to keep the momentum going….”

More from Jason Wharton here.



  1. very very insightful article… I hope many people read this

  2. […] First here is an example of the protofascism behind Ron Paul: here in this letter – sounds  just like Hitler to me.  […]

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