Posted by: L | July 10, 2007

How the government treats real intelligence….

“Pentagon whistleblower still paying the price for telling the truth”

WASHINGTON–From a cramped motor home in a Montana campground where Internet access is as spotty as the trout, Richard Barlow wakes each morning to battle Washington.

Once a top intelligence officer at the Pentagon who helped uncover Pakistan’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons, Barlow insisted on telling the truth, and it led to his undoing.

He complained in 1989 that top officials in the administration of President George H.W. Bush–including the deputy assistant secretary of defense–were misleading Congress about the Pakistani program. He was fired and stripped of his security clearances. His intelligence career was destroyed; his marriage collapsed.

Federal investigations found Barlow was unfairly fired, winning him sympathy from dozens of Democratic and Republican lawmakers and public interest groups. But for 17 years, he has fought without success to gain a federal pension, blocked at every turn by legal and political obstacles also faced by other federal intelligence whistle-blowers.”

LR: And who were these top officials? Stephen J. Hadley, Paul D. Wolfowitz…..Dick Cheney — all reincarnated in the Bush II administration and all guilty of manipulating intelligence on the Iraq war to fit political goals.
“This is such an extraordinary case,” Brian said. “He was trying to say ‘Wait a minute, Congress needs to be told the truth because they’re making important decisions about nuclear proliferation,’ and the guy is living in a trailer.”
More by Lindsey Layton at the Washington Post.

Now, here is my thought:

Could there be some people in government — stated policy to the contrary — who gain by nuclear proliferation?

Of course there could be…..more later….


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