Posted by: L | June 29, 2007

Potential Supreme Court Justice advocates secret trials and more surveillance…

Judge Richard Posner, a renowned legal scholar and 7th Circuit Appeals Court judge, stunned fellow jurists from Australia by his hard-line pro-big brother remarks today….

More at the Raw Story.



  1. Posner is too old to the Supreme Court. Everyone now wants someone relatively young to terrorize the court for decades.

  2. Well – perhaps you are right:

    John G. Roberts
    (Chief Justice) 2005 G. W. Bush 50
    John Paul Stevens 1975 Ford 55
    Samuel A. Alito, Jr. 2006 G. W. Bush 55
    Antonin Scalia 1986 Reagan 50
    Anthony Kennedy 1988 Reagan 52
    David Souter 1990 Bush 51
    Clarence Thomas 1991 Bush 43
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1993 Clinton 60
    Stephen Breyer 1994 Clinton 56

    But Posner has more intellectual clout than any of these, except Scalia. In any case, the point was that you have people of his caliber making the case for torture. Rather disturbing — to my eye.

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