Posted by: L | June 29, 2007

London bomb hysterics, anti-terror laws, and Gordon Brown’s resume(updated 6/30)

“CNN adds:

Explosives officers discovered the fuel and nails attached to a “potential means of detonation,” inside the vehicle. Officers “courageously” disabled the trigger by hand, he said. Security sources told CNN that the “relatively crude device” in the first car contained at least 200 liters, or about 50 gallons, of fuel in canisters.

You know what you call a vehicle with 50 gallons of gas? A Cadillac Escalade. The media meltdown over this incident is simply shameful.”

More from terrorism expert Larry Johnson at No Quarter

and a word of caution from John Chuckman at Counterpunch.

Just a coincidence, of course, that all this happened just after Gordon Brown, taking over from Tony Blair, made it clear that he was no slouch either in the occupation of Iraq or in the anti-terrorism department.

Only to be expected from a buddy of Henry Kissinger, as this piece by Craig Murray points out:

“Gordon Brown has been a personal friend of Henry Kissinger for a long time, and the last time Kissinger came to London, Brown and Kissinger spent two hours alone together in 11 Downing St discussing Kissinger’s latest book. That should disillusion those daft enough to believe that Brown’s five year support for Bush’s wars was a aberration forced upon him by circumstance.”

(Hat tip to Murray also for this tidbit in the same piece:

“Meanwhile Blair, for whom the House of Commons was never more than a vehicle for personal interest, has quit it even sooner than decently possible, so not a penny of the tens of millions of pounds about to flow his way from corporate America will have to be declared in the register of member’s interests.”)

Here’s an article from February 2006 by Brendan O’Neill ( that takes on the new transatlantic national insecurity states.

Brown has urged more funding for experts to tackle the financing of terrorism. Translated, that means more snooping into financial accounts of all sorts of non-terrorists.

Joe Citizen, besides having to foot the bills for government-funded panic attacks, also has to clutch his bank statements closer to his heart – lest the larcenous fingers of the feds get into them.

Meanwhile, while Brown wants more tax-payer money for anti-terrorism, he’s not letting on too much about what he’s done with tax-payer moolah before — like losing a wad of it ($4.8 billion) when he sold off Britain’s gold reserves — against the advice of Bank of England officials – at only the bottom of the market between 1999-2002. Nice trade.
Maybe, just maybe, that ought to be a tad more worrisome to people than some half-cocked bomb scare.

Who were the lucky buyers, you ask? Why, none other than the Chinese.

So much for Brown’s national security cred…..

However, that might not carry much weight when measured against his pro-Israeli qualifications, noted in this Jerusalem Post report.

Several of his appointees also seem to share this pro-Israeli bias, James Purnell, for one, who is now secretary of state for culture, media and sport. In that role he’ll have oversight over the BBC and the rest of the British media. Here is Purnell on the subject of criticising Israel and anti-semitism in a letter to Prospect Magazine, in December 2004:

“Israel is a democracy, suffering terrorist attacks, surrounded by countries that don’t recognise its existence, the victim of well-funded terrorist organisations that preach antisemitic hate. The Palestinians deserve a viable state, and are suffering real poverty and hardship. There is suffering on both sides-neither can solve this problem without the other.





“So when some people talk as if Israel is entirely to blame, I ask why. The only answer I can find is that there is something deep in our cultural memory that makes us disposed to blame Jews. That tendency was put in its box by the Holocaust. But today it re-emerges-occasionally, but persistently. I would call it passive, or unexamined, antisemitism.” I wonder what Purnell would call it when anti-Zionist Jews are targeted by pro-Zionist Jews







anti- antisemitic pro-semitism? Yes – that’s how ridiculous these word games are: “Hate-speech” laws, ” anti-terror” laws — nothing but pretexts for increasing control over people, their money and their lives….




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