Posted by: L | June 14, 2007

Boycott the Catholic church….

Bill Christison on how to crack one part of the propaganda code:

“I am personally not a Catholic, but my sign will urge people planning to go to the 10:00 a.m. Mass to boycott that Mass instead, and join us in the demonstration. I do not intend to say anything derogatory to anyone while I am demonstrating, although I will give anyone who expresses interest in me a brochure explaining the Finkelstein tenure issue. I will stay until 10:00 a.m. and then leave.

I not only hope that others will join me in this demonstration. I hope that yet others, reading this message, will organize similar demonstrations near other Catholic churches. I further hope that we can carry on similar demonstrations on future Sundays, all around this country and abroad, until the hierarchy of the Catholic church in Rome takes note of us, and until that hierarchy compels its subordinates at De Paul University to reverse the unjust decision on Dr. Finkelstein.

If anyone reading this thinks I am overreacting, that is unfortunate. The Israel lobby simply should not be allowed to win this round. There is little doubt that some will argue that the Catholic hierarchy in Rome had nothing to do with the decision against Finkelstein. But there is also little doubt that the hierarchy can overrule that decision if it wishes. And it says something that, to me, is utterly despicable if the hierarchy of the church refuses to overrule its own underlings at De Paul….”



  1. I don’t know if the hierarchy in Rome has the power to overturn this decision. Bill’s article shows the defects of the liberals: they hate the Church hierarchy when it opposes their causes, yet they overestimate its strength in reining in the excesses of politically correct zeal. The problem of Catholic institutions straying from Catholic doctrines goes back a long time. Why don’t the liberals protest when Catholic colleges fire a teacher who opposes abortion, or they produce plays like “The Vagina Monologiues” – totally vulgar and anti-Catholic? That is when people need to speak out. Now is too late, and the Jews have taken over the decision function here as everywhere else. That’s what always happens when Christians lose the intelligence of the supernatural mind and merely grovel with the worldly tide.
    I agree that the Israel Lobby should not be allowed to win this one – although basically they already have. If anyone wishes to protest, take your comments to the De Paul University president.

  2. Caryl –

    Am in complete agreement with you there. There’s too much partisanship on too many issues.

    Across the board – faculty should be judged on their scholarship and not whether their views offend influential lawyers…

  3. Well, I REALLY like Finkelstein work, but I don´t think that´s academic. In fact, I usually read his books when I want somekind of easy and fun political reading. Finkelstein is an excelent author, but we are talking about academic standards, didn´t we?

    The problem that I see in this case is that an internal process of the university became politicized. I don´t think that me or Alan Dershowitz have anything to with that.

    By the way, I graduated from an Catholic University. The course was terrible(In fact, most brazilian university courses are), but I confess that I liked the mandatory Antropological Sociology course(The professor was a priest, a very open-minded priest).

    By the way II, what´s your religion? Are you atheist, Lila?

  4. All universities are too politicized, but outside groups and Dershowitz (who was publishing a wave of articles in magazines and papers from his point of view) certainly had their way here. I have seen this happen a number of times on issues related to Israel-Palestine in any way. The media response is always highly organized and effective. Numbers of publications – even as innocuous as the National Geographic – have been targeted. It makes me very sad. No one – including Israel – is helped by shutting down debate. If we don’t debate, then we are only left with fighting..

    I belong to the Church of South India – an ecumenical church. But I consider myself both syncretist – accepting some beliefs from many religions, especially Hinduism – and agnostic about most dogmas taken as a whole.

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