Posted by: L | June 13, 2007

Police State Chronicles – bill muzzling Internet heads to Senate

“The Senate’s version of massive new telecommunications legislation is headed to the full Senate, after a flurry of amendments and contentious debate in the Commerce Committee. The House passed its own bill on June 8. Media democracy advocates, media producers, technology companies and Internet libertarians opposed to the bill’s passage then looked to the full Senate in hopes that the bill could be substantively improved or, if not, killed.

The proposed legislation has gathered such broad interest because of the potential severity of its effects on mediaand communications technology in the United State. Both House and Senate bills would change the very nature of the Internet, and seriously undermine public accountability over cable and video services, including educational and community TV. While claiming to clear the way for new innovations in broadband access, the bills would likely retard important avenues for Internet innovation and deployment. They would mean the end of the free open Internet characterized by “net neutrality” or equality of access….”

Read more here at Reclaim the Media.
Useful Links:

Primer: The Death of the Internet: a video from COA News.

Activism:  Save the Internet.

Legislation: Maine passes first  net neutrality resolution.


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