Posted by: L | June 12, 2007

American Index I: The Censoring of Ron Paul…

Heard on the blogvine:

“Isn’t funny how they DELETED or lost all the comments…they seem to have not been able to quash the voting on their own site tho’..

Doesnt it strike you as strange that their coverage of him is so skant [sic] – yet he is topping their polls? Why are they not covering him?”


What kind of a question is that…


  1. Apparently the Corporate Media has already decided who the next president is gong to be and it wont be Ron Paul. How can we possibly have a president that will keep us out of war balance the budget and live by our constitution that just wont do, my god if that happened America might be liked and actually be respected thru out the world.They cant have that heck americans might even figure out the propaganda that the fox noise channel is anything but fair and balanced.

  2. Yes – it does seem that way, doesn’t it?
    So much fear of anyone whose opinions and ideas don’t fall into some preprogrammed slot..

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