Posted by: L | May 24, 2007

Top secret Osama tape found……

“The following are excerpts from a secret transcript found in a remote cave in Afghanistan from the summer of 2000. The government and the military have kept these contents under wraps, but an anonymous source has leaked them to me. Now, I share with the world what we deserve to know. This report should finally put to rest the questions of why they hate us. It also vindicates 9/11 hero Rudy Giuliani and his scathing attack on that extremist nutball Ron Paul.

Osama: Hey, al-Zawahiri, come here! Look at this!

al-Zawahiri: What is it, Sheik? What are you reading?

Osama: I don’t know, it’s some Satanic document written in English telling all kinds of lies!

al-Zawahiri: Let me see that. Hmmm, I think I read about this in my studies. I think it’s called the constitution or something like that.

Osama: Constitution? And what is all this other ridiculous stuff attached to it?

al-Zawahiri: Those are called the Bill of Rights. They give the Americans certain freedoms.

Osama: Look at this blasphemy! It says that their government can’t make any law about an official state religion. May Allah curse these heretics!…..”

Read all about it at Lew Rockwell.

For interesting stuff about Christian fundamentalism, visit Bill Barnwell’s Blog

And in case, you’re wondering what all the buzz about Ron Paul is, read this

…..and this.


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