Posted by: L | May 19, 2007

Whacko Indians……….and more..

“Arundhati Roy is a Left wing wacko. Dinesh D’Souza is a Right wing wacko. The only similarity between them, other than both being Indians, is both being pimps for the Allah/Mohammed LLC.”

And more in the same vein at Jihad Watch.

The only thing I can find here that I really agree with is that Marxism does dominate the elite schools in India. Although I’ve used Marxist terminology sometimes, I’m not very convinced by it, so I can’t say much more about the topic.

However, I do remember very warmly many fine Marxist scholars both in India and in the US, who almost made me think again…. As I said in earlier posts, generosity of spirit probably goes a longer way to intellectual agreement than one would think.

You always hope that the blogs, where there’s more space to explain yourself will encourage more cross-fertilization of thought. But when I read some sites, I worry that exactly the opposite might happen and we’ll be walling ourselves up, instead. We won’t need to understand anyone else’s point of view, simply because the net makes linking up exclusively with like-minded souls so easy.

In that vein, I looked for things here I could agree with and found that, well, it’s probably true that some of the crimes committed against other religions under the Muslim emperors in India have been downplayed in the name of secularism. And as always, lack of plainspeaking, even if it’s in a good cause, ends up provoking a backlash….

So, I can agree with that; accuracy in history (so far as it’s possible) is fine. Nothing wrong with that. But, I hope that argument doesn’t end in being a justification for war today…

I have commented on Arundhati, in a piece called “The Gratitude of Turkeys.” I think the venom directed against her is misplaced. She is an architect and writer, not a political philosopher or professional activist. There are things on which she is going to misstate or exaggerate her case, perhaps unknowingly. I have heard her speak a few times on TV and was charmed by her – hard not to be I think. I confess I only skimmed her book but she has a way with words, no doubt of it. Whether she is or isn’t Booker material, as some argue, I have no idea. A new writer is always a pleasure to read on their terms – not ours.

Also, I’d be curious to find out what it is that Dinesh D’Souza has said this time to have so offended so many people all over the place. This isn’t the only place I’m seeing him burned in effigy.

When I’ve heard D’Souza speak on TV, I haven’t usually found him terribly abrasive…a bit too cocky, on occasion. And not always engaged with what others are saying. His tendency to blame everything on the cultural left (and I think on the Carter/Clinton years) is simply wrong-headed.

You would think after having edited/written highly questionable material for the Dartmouth Review, and attacked Affirmative Action in a way that riled black conservatives, there would be nothing more controversial he could say or do. But I guess controversy sells.

In any case, I’m sure being consigned to the intellectual boondocks will do him no harm….

There’s more, though:

“There is a peculiar madness in the worldview of this Dsouza, a madness that seems to afflict certain people from the Indian subcontinent who are wrongly held in esteem as ‘intellectuals’-

Roy, as far as I know, never had anything to offer but slander. She does nothing but mudslinging and her whole scribble is a poisonous cocktail of anarcho-fantasies. I don’t believe anybody should give her a forum.”

Dear me.

Indians are all arrogant, too, it seems…….

Though, I wonder, arrogant about what? The last I heard, it’s been proved that we’re lagging a bit in the IQ department.

81, I believe is the average Indian IQ, according to an often cited study. But, since I didn’t read the original paper, I’m not sure about the methodology. Oh, the angst this must be provoking in some places.

Gene Expression, the site on which this tidbit is posted, is one I’ve come across before. The discussion is interesing here, although in some places on the net, the discussions about race and IQ are pretty startling …and raw..

I even thought I saw one thread like that on Gene Expression, but am not very sure — an elaborate riff about caucasoid Indians versus non-caucasoid Indians, upper and lower castes, dark and light skinned, which ethnic type dominates Silicon Valley..darker skinned Dravidians, apparently..

81….Hmmmmm, I guess that accounts for all those whacko Indians….

(Strictly humor…no offense intended).


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