Posted by: L | May 7, 2007

Cho wasn’t treated -updated 5/8

Update: details of the three psychological/psychiatric bodies, through which Cho passed in this Washington Post piece

V. Tech’s Cook Counseling Center, Blacksburg’s community services board (New River Valley), and nearby Christiansburg’s St. Alban’s Clinic, where he stayed overnight. Each has its own reason for not following up, even though state and university guidelines required them to. Money is cited as an excuse, but they seem to have received $1000 (approx) for each mental case that went through their hands. If we use Cho’s evaluation as a basis, that would be a thousand bucks a day. Is that really too little? And how much more money and effort would it have taken to check whether the case had been followed up on? About what it takes to place a local phone call.

The Guardian has this piece which shows how the state failed completely to follow up on the court ordered outpatient treatment. The piece is amazing – no one seems to have known anything about anything. No one seems to have followed up or even thought they had to. And the outpatient treatment looks like it would have had to have been the responsibility of Virginia Tech. Pretty clear why they are stone walling there.

And, people think the government needs to be getting into even more social work.


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