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V-Tech: Cho Video-fatigues,bullets, symbols, clip between killings- 4/27

Update: Link to a portion of the manifesto – read the language…

Update on Ismail Ax:

(Includes various theories: Ismail, as a reference to the email program….or a misspelling of Turkish hip-hop artist Ismail YK… the name of a character that he created for a computer game — but his roommates said he did not play games, though they did note that he liked to download and listen to music, particularly the song “Shine” by Collective Soul.

Then there is the Moby Dick theory but the problem is that the spelling of the name is different…or a character in The Prairie by James Fenimore Cooper, Ishmael Bush, who clears land with an axe wherever he goes, but there is the problem again of the spelling of the name…too subtle.

Then there is the Islamic retooling of the Abraham, Isaac account…see here. There’s also about Ibrahim taking his axe to the temple idols. The thing is, it’s Ibrahim, not Ismail using the axe.

Some people are thinking it might be an anagram….and here’s more info on that.

See also this column by Frank Salvato.
Three points made in a Mirror (UK) article:

1. On page two, sandwiched between a picture of the sky and a photo of Cho in combat fatigues, he wrote: “Are you happy now that you have destroyed my life? Now that you have stolen everything you could from me?”

(I should note that there was a photo circulated on the net said to be Cho on campus in uniform. I haven’t posted it, because I couldn’t tell how authentic it was).

2. Cho made the final changes to the booklet and is thought to have filmed as least one of the video films then as well. In the clip he is seen wearing the military-style vest described by massacre witnesses.

Having finished his manifesto, Cho walked to a post office and mailed it to NBC.

3. On page 11, Cho drew two bizarre sketches. The first is a red heart with a cross and pair of eyes inside. The second is a stylised number 88 -with a caption that reads: “Number of the anti-terrorist.”

My Comment:

The number is thought to be a reference to an Indonesian police anti-terror unit named Detachment 88 in memory of the 88 Australians who died in the 2002 Bali bombings.

Again – it sounds like he is just picking up things from all over the place. He is identifying here with anti-terror, not terror, just as his references (to me) sound like identification with all victims, including the victims of 9-11.

I will try to find out more about the heart and the eyes and 88.


The Lutheran church uses the heart and cross, as does the Sacred Heart. The all seeing eye is a well known Hermetic and Masonic symbol but it is also a widely used convention in its own right. The eye set in a triangle is said to be non- Masonic. It is used on the US dollar bill as well in in DARPA as a symbol for the Total Information Awareness Program.I do not know what the eye in the heart signifies.


Aresume posted on the VT Computer Science Department website by Robert G. Ball notes grants awarded to the university by ARDA/DTO, short for Advanced
Research and Development Activity, Disruptive Technology Office. “ARDA was created in 1998 after the model of the Defense Advanced ResearchProjects Agency (DARPA) by the Director of Central Intelligence and the
Department of Defense, and took responsibility for funding some of DARPA’s projects,” explains Wikipedia.
“There has been speculation that the DTO is continuing research efforts started under the Total Information Awareness program (TIA) in DARPA’s
Information Awareness Office (IAO)…. Although ARDA’s budget is presumably classified as part of the intelligence budget, the New York Times quoted an unnamed former government official saying the agency spent about $100 million a year in 2003. The Associated Press reports that ARDA had a staff of only eight in 2004.” Early last year, DTO is reported to be run by John Negroponte) (need confirmation).




VT is also the site of micro air vehicle technologies research –

Micro air vehicles are airborne vehicles that are no larger than six inches in either length, width or height and perform a useful military mission at an affordable cost.



I have read- although I can’t confirm the information – that the symbols are a mish-mash of symbols drawn from Christian identity or Aryan symbology. I can’t speak to this. Cho, as a literature student, probably put together a number of symbols in his environment in a creative way, which is why I stick with the “classic school shooter” profile.

“On page 21, Cho is pictured clutching both fists to his chest and in another photo points both his guns at the camera. Above the photo he wrote: “Let the revolution begin!”
Also interesting were comments by an expert that he showed two alternating personalities, one very impassive and zombie-like (in the clip thought to have been photographed in the interim between the two shootings), which the expert felt indicated drug usage

and the other, seen in the clips photographed prior to the shooting, very aggressive and exhibitionistic, almost play-acting, something I also observed earlier on in my posts.

It’s also reported that he wore combat fatigues (p.2) and a military vest and that the bullets were the type (hollow point), intended to expand on impact and reduce the victims’ chances of surviving. I have read that these bullets are only intended for target shooting.




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