Posted by: L | April 23, 2007

The Spirit of VTech Students

A stone that was meant to represent Cho at a memorial at VTech disappeared and was replaced with this:

“Left behind on Monday in Cho’s position at the memorial were a pile of wilting roses and carnations, burnt-down candles and days-old letters forgiving Cho and expressing sympathy with his family.

“Seung Hui, I hope that if I ever meet someone like you, I will have the courage and strength to reach out,” said one signed David.

‘You have not broken our spirits’

“We forgive you because we’ve been forgiven,” offered a Christian who signed only MEQ.

“To the family of Cho Seung-Hui: We know that you are hurting too,” said another.

But one letter to Cho, whose angry, hateful and violent pictures and statements that were shown on television after the massacre, was more defiant.

“Cho: you greatly underestimated our strength, courage and compassion. You may have broken our hearts but you have not broken our spirits,” wrote a person who signed “Erin T”.


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